What we do

Your one stop shop when it comes to invoicing and best part of it, it's free.


Company Logo

Your company logo is added and aligned for you automatically. You only need to upload the logo at the correct size.


Multiple Users

You can have multiple users creating invoices and sending them out. This will also be logged as to who actually created the invoice and who sent it.


Save History

Have all your invoices you have sent out in the past at one place for all audit purposes.



Check how much you have invoiced, the current year, current month and current week. You always know how you doing at anypoint in time based on your invoices.



Send invoices from a central place to the correct email at any point. You also can resend invoices you have created and send in the past.



You can have different security rights where you can only send or you can only create invoices so that you have two factor authentication process. There is a digital trail.

Simple and easy

This is the most easiest way to actually get an invoice done. It will take you less than 5 min to actually get an invoice up also be able to send it out without going to your emails


Don't Here is from us here is from other business owners who are using this app for all their invoicing and tracking.

The app is really great and has made our admin so much better.

- Sibusiso Mahlangu Director -